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Market Drivers

Several forces are accelerating demand for bandwidth and pushing telecommunications services to new regions and new customers. Among the most notable are global area networking and supply chain networking, electronic commerce and basic connectivity.

Global area networking and supply-chain networking enable organizations to connect and communicate seamlessly with all of their internal divisions, subsidiaries, suppliers and partners. These new networking models are significantly enhancing demand for telecommunications services and broadband connectivity.

E–commerce is providing consumers and businesses with unprecedented access to resources and information, and the transformation has only just begun. The continuing global spread of online stores, Internet auction houses, electronic trading systems and other virtual markets will heighten the need for reliable, scalable telecommunications networks.

While it is sometimes overlooked in the excitement of the Internet, the vast majority of the world’s population still lacks access to basic telephone service. The high cost of traditional telecommunications infrastructure has been an insurmountable obstacle for many developing nations. The Grand Design Network will provide an affordable alternative for delivering high-quality voice and data services to underserved areas throughout the world.