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Grand Design will enable a wide range of communications services, from basic connectivity to high-bandwidth, value-added solutions.

Global Area Networking
The Grand Design Network will seamlessly link enterprise data networks and provide corporations’ branch offices, subsidiaries and remote workers with high-speed access to the corporate intranet from anywhere in the world.

Supply Chain Networking
The rise of Enterprise Resource Planning has encouraged businesses to use technology to increase the efficiency of a wide array of internal processes, from manufacturing to finance. Businesses are also reaching out and connecting their networks to suppliers, partners and customers. Grand Design will enable supply chain partners to achieve higher levels of integration, faster than ever before.

Broadband Internet Access
While the quantity of high-speed, fiber-optic cable between major urban centers is increasing rapidly, "last-mile" connections to most of the world’s offices and homes remain painfully slow. Grand Design will provide broadband Internet access directly to businesses and organizations wishing to bypass local network bottlenecks.

Maritime Connectivity
Grand Design maritime services will provide ocean liners, tankers and other international shipping vessels with secure, reliable and fast connections to terrestrial networks and enterprise data systems.

New Applications
Telemedicine, distance learning, electronic commerce and videoconferencing are just a few of the new, bandwidth-dependent applications that are changing the way businesses and individuals interact. Grand Design will facilitate these and other applications with high levels of quality, security and reliability.