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Here's what a few team members have to say about life at Grand Design.

Linus Soderwald
Title: Technical Director, Core Software Development Group

Most recent experience: Development Manager, Multi-protocol Gateway for Galileo, Ltd.. Full professor, University of Stockholm, Sweden.

Education: Doctorate in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Master’s degree in telecommunications and bachelor’s degree in engineering from University of Stockholm, Sweden.

"Grand Design is a great place to work!

"If you bring together a group of highly skilled people and unite them around a common vision–in our case, bringing affordable, end-to-end broadband communications to the entire world–amazing things can happen, and are indeed happening at Grand Design.

"Of course, the more challenging a goal the more exciting it is to pursue. Challenges and excitement are therefore part of our everyday life at Grand Design.

"Personally, after a career in protocol converters and bridges, Grand Design brought back to me the motivation and enthusiasm of my student days. And it is so good to feel that you are changing the world!"